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Baercom Canine Hearing Test Machine

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The BAERCOM is a portable, stand-alone, 9V-battery-powered BAER hearing evaluation device for veterinary research and testing on dogs, cats, and other small and medium-sized animals.

The BAERCOM synchronizes click generation and EEG data collection to sample 11 milliseconds of EEG data, starting with the click onset. The resulting summed BAER response waveform is rapidly compiled and displayed on the graphics LCD.

The BAERCOM can be operated as a "stand-alone" BAER evaluation tool, with the resulting BAER response clearly displayed on the graphics LCD. Up to 31 BAER response traces (up to 23 with earlier firmware) can be saved in memory inside the BAERCOM. Any of these recorded BAER traces can be displayed on the built-in LCD. They can also be downloaded to a PC when convenient.