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🇬🇧 UK's Leading Animal Training Academy 🇬🇧
🇬🇧 UK's Leading Animal Training Academy 🇬🇧


Since 2017, Smartbreeder has been supplying Nutrition, Supplements, Courses and more to pet owners and breeders in the UK and beyond. 


With a team made up of animal lovers and ecommerce experts, our aim is to provide people and pets with the supplies and tools they need to look after their animals. 


 We believe, when done correctly, that breeding is a smart choice. That's why we provide DEFRA approved courses to show you how to take the easy step from pet owner to breeder. 


Our simple approach, one day courses include Microchipping, Ultrasound Fertiility and Hearing and Testing. Keep your eyes peeled, as more courses are coming soon! 


Whether held at your home, workplace or at our Manchester HQ (as some of our courses require our vet in attendance), we provide the necessary tools to start your breeder journey including all equipment required readily available to purchase. 

We also believe that a healthy animal is a happy one, which is why we have nutrition starting at puppy age through to adulthood, and all the supplements, toys and more to make sure your pet is well cared for. Whether your love of animals makes you an owner or breeder, Smartbreeder is here for every step of the journey.