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Taking Pets Abroad: From Microchipping to Pet Insurance

Taking Pets Abroad: From Microchipping to Pet Insurance

The January blues have passed and springtime is fast approaching. What better way to celebrate this than to book a holiday! You no longer have to leave your beloved pets at home when you go abroad, but there are steps you have to take, such as microchipping and shopping around for the best pet insurance, to ensure their safety and protection if you decide to do so.

How do I make sure that my pet is safe abroad?

Taking your pet to an unfamiliar setting can be quite a stressful experience for them and can lead to irrational behaviour such as running off, hiding or being clingy. If the worst happens and your pet does run away abroad, then it is important to make sure that they are microchipped as SmartTrace technology gives you the best chance of finding them! Bringing along their favourite toys and treats can be an easy way of smoothing out the transition and helping them to become acclimatised to their new surroundings.

Does my pet insurance cover holidays?

If the worst should happen abroad, and your pet is injured or becomes ill, then pet insurance can save you from excessive veterinary fees if your pet shows signs of illness, injury or has an accident on holiday, then insurance can pay to cover your vet fees. Different pet insurance policies will offer different levels of cover, so it is important to be aware of what these are before you take your pet out of the country.

What should I feed my pet on holiday?

If your pet has a specific dietary requirement, then you should take this into account when taking them on holiday with you. Leave room to pack the special dietary food in your suitcase and always make sure that you double check with your airline that you can take the food in question… this prevents any awkward and unnecessary bag searches! If your pet does not have any specific dietary requirements, then relax and remember that people have pets abroad and that finding pet food is only an internet search away!

Taking your pet abroad can be a really enjoyable experience, but to cover yourself and to ensure your pet's safety, make sure that they are microchipped, at ease and have the correct pet insurance for unwanted emergencies.

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