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How to Care For Your Rottweiler

How to Care For Your Rottweiler

Rottweilers are large and muscly breed and are often used as police and security dogs. Although they are often stereotyped as being unfriendly and unsuitable to keep as a pet, in reality, they are friendly and loving. Their large and fearsome exterior couldn’t be further from their kind and gentle natures, these dogs make excellent companions and are fantastic with children.

Like any pet, Rottweilers require special attention, dietary requirements and exercise regimes in order to maintain a healthy mind, body and coat.

How long should I be walking them for?

Exercise is important for all breeds of dogs to keep them healthy, happy and in shape. Rottweilers are far from the most energetic breeds, but never the less they still need plenty of exercise. It’s difficult to give a precise amount of exercise that your Rottweiler needs, it is dependent on their weight and height, but the minimum amount of time you should be walking them for is 1 hour. Exercise keeps your pets mind and joints active and can be a solution to any behavioural problems they might showing, so be mindful to set some time aside for them if you have a busy schedule.

Do I need to microchip my Rottweiler?

A microchip is a permanent form of identification if your Rottweiler goes missing it will ensure that you can be reunited with your canine companion. When dogs are collected by the local authority, their identification, home addresses and your contact details can be accessed with ease, so it is definitely better to be safe than sorry! Microchips are also a safer bet than dog tags, as collars and tags can fall off and become lost.

How much do I need to feed my Rottweiler?

As a large breed dog that is muscular and really active, they need to be fed fairly large portions, in order to help to maintain their build and strength. Rottweilers are really heavy for their height due to their muscle mass, they tend to weigh anywhere from 85 pounds right up to 130 pounds, they should be consuming around 1800-2300 calories a day depending on their size.

What should I be feeding them?

A healthy diet for a Rottweiler should consist of a lot of protein and healthy fats such as fish oil and omega 3. It’s important to also choose food items that don’t contain a lot of flavourings, colourants and additives.

A lot of dog food is made up of wheat and grains, but it’s important to note that Rottweilers can be prone to wheat intolerances, which can cause skin and coat conditions and bowel irritation. Each dog is different, but if you choose to feed your Rottweiler wheat-based food, then be mindful of this. Alternatively, there are rice based foods that can provide a good source of slow releasing energy.

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