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Can I Keep A Dog In An Apartment?

Can I Keep A Dog In An Apartment?

With more and more people choosing to downsize their living arrangements and move into apartments, the result is that a lot of people are asking if it’s ok to keep a dog in the city. There are some people who believe that dogs should only be kept in rural and suburban areas where they will have plenty of open space to run around. However, if you are prepared for the commitment and choose the right breed, there is no reason you can’t keep a dog in an apartment in the city. Before making this life-changing move, make sure you can answer the following questions:

Are you allowed to keep a pet in your building?

While you landlord might be happy to let you have a pet, some apartment buildings won’t allow it because of the potential for the dogs to cause a nuisance and mess. Likewise, some buildings might accept pets but the landlord has other plans. Most animal shelters won’t let you adopt a pet until you can show that your lease will allow you to keep pets.

Have you thought about the breed?

Some breeds won’t adapt well to apartment living as they are typically high energy. Large dogs will also struggle with the limited space as they need the room to bound around. The ideal breed to consider if you live in an apartment is a temperate breed such as a Boston Terrier or Bichon Frise. Obviously, every dog will differ, so it’s important to consider the individual dog’s temperament rather than assuming a dog will be fine because of its breed.

Will the pet be left home alone?

Dogs shouldn’t be left home alone for too long, as they can become depressed and destructive. Ideally, you should be able to come home in your lunch break, take your pet to work or have a pet sitter visit your dog during the day. There are also dog day care services that will be able to keep your pet entertained during the day. At most, you should leave your pet for no longer than 4-6 hours, depending on your pet.

How will you give your dog enough exercise?

If you don’t have a garden you will need to make sure you take your dog out at least three times a day to ensure they get enough exercise and can relieve themselves. Finding a dog park in your city will help you to give your pet some time off the lead to stretch their legs. If you can’t commit to taking your pet out three times a day, rain or shine, then you shouldn’t even think about adopting a dog.

How will you deal with the mess?

Living in close quarters with an animal will mean that you need to be extra clean to stay on top of pet dander and muddy paw prints. There is also the chance your pet will have an accident indoors, so you will have to be prepared to deal with these in a timely fashion.

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