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ID Card - SmartChip

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Identify yourself and employees to clients and potential clients as a trained/accredited and/or qualified PROFESSIONAL.

 Licensed Breeder (inc License number)
 Microchipping Implanter
 Ultrasound Technician 
 Fertility Clinic Technician
 Animal Groomer Technician
 Animal Transporte

🤳 once you have placed an order send us a selfie and all the information you wish to have printed on your card! 

🚨🚨🚨Once your identification has been issued you will automatically be added to SmartTraining learner database and issued your own unique identification code, which will allow new / potential clients to opportunity to contact and verify your authenticity. 🚨🚨🚨

➡️You DO NOT need to have been trained by us although we will require evidence of your training/accreditation/qualification - i.e certificate etc⬅️

📐ID card is made from waterproof and durable PVC plastic & comes with translucent open face holder and necklace lanyard

✅Be fully GDPR data protection compliant 
✅Be trading standards compliant
ICO/GOV/DEFRA/PIF registered