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Tips for Getting your Pet Ready for the Boarding Kennels

Tips for Getting your Pet Ready for the Boarding Kennels

When summer rolls around, many of us will be thinking about heading off to sunnier shores. For our pets, this will mean a trip to stay with a family member or friend, but for others, it might mean a trip to the boarding kennels. For new pet owners, this can be a difficult experience, as you will have plenty on your mind as you drop your pet off at the kennels. Making sure that your pet is prepared for the experience takes careful planning, so follow these simple tips for getting your pet ready for the boarding kennels.

Choose the Right Boarding Kennel

It may take a little time to find the kennel that is right for you, but it is worth the extra work. There are many different types of kennels available. Some will be in someone’s home, meaning your pet might be treated like part of the family. Others might be bespoke buildings with individual kennels for each animal. You should check if anyone will be with the animals at night and how they are supervised while playing with other animals. You should also check how much time they have outside and if your pet has special requirements, you should also check they can cater to this.

Head to the Vet

Your pet will need a thorough check over to make sure it is healthy before heading to the kennels. Your vet will make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date and also administer worming and flea treatments to ensure they won’t spread or contract any diseases. If your pet isn’t fitted with a pet microchip, you will need to get this done, as many kennels won’t take dogs or cats without them.

Plan a Trial Run

If you are going to be away for more than a few days, you will want to organise a trial run to get your pet used to the experience. You should book your pet in for one night at the boarding kennels so they can get used to the routine. It can be quite a traumatic experience for pets that suffer from separation anxiety, so you will want to take every step to ensure your pet feels secure.

Gather Your Pet’s Essentials

Your pet will need some home comforts while they are away. They should also have an adequate supply for food as it will upset their stomach if they change food suddenly. Take their favourite bedding, any required medications and adequate food. If your pet is highly possessive about toys, you might want to leave them at home, as it may cause fights with other animals.

While it might be upsetting to leave your pet behind, if you have followed the steps above your pet will be happy and well taken care of. Many dogs eventually learn to love a trip to the kennels, so it becomes easier with every trip. 

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