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Barking Berry Ice Cream

Barking Berry Ice Cream

Secret Recipe


Our "Barking Berry" ice cream recipe is not only safe for dogs but the yummy taste has real health benefits too!

Strawberries are brilliant for keeping dog's teeth nice and white, and plain yogurt, especially with active cultures is really good for your dog's digestive system. The cool ice cream helps dogs regulate their body temperature, superb for hot days.


10 strawberries
20 blueberries
500g of plain yogurt


1. Add berries into a blender or alternatively mash the berries inside a bowl.
2. Stir the yogurt into the blended/mashed berries and mix throughly.
3. Add the mixture into a suitable container and place into the freezer.
4. Freeze for approximately 4 hours before serving.

Doggy guidance

Don't eat too much ice cream, everything in moderation.
Must always finish dinner before allowing any dessert.


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