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5 Best Careers With Animals

5 Best Careers With Animals

The pet industry is rapidly growing in the UK and there are currently over 18,000 practicing vets to date. With new veterinary practices, animal shelters and groomers opening every month, now more than ever is a great time to explore different careers with animals.

If you’re an animal lover or have a passion for pet care, then considering different careers with animals could be a perfect decision. There are so many different avenues and options to explore, so whether you’re interested in helping sick animals, preserving endangered species or maintaining pet’s appearance, then there is a career path for you.


The best careers with animals:


There are hundreds of different careers with animals to consider, and each requires a different level of training/ qualification. If you are looking to become a vet or a zoo keeper, you will need to firstly get a degree. It’s important to firstly conduct research on the profession you are looking to get into, how many years of studying or training it will take, what qualifications you need and the experience you need to have.


Wildlife Biologist:


Being a wildlife biologist can be a really rewarding careers for those who love animals and who want to safeguard them. If you love science just as much as you love animals, then this career could be perfect for you. Wildlife Biologists are constantly studying the environments for animals, their populations and demographics.


Dog Walker:


Dog walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but for most dog owners, careers and everyday life can often get in the way - this is where the professionals come in. Whether you're looking for a hobby, to make some extra money or to pursue this as a full time career, then you will be sure to find work. Dogs will always be a beloved family pet and dog walkers will always be required.



Becoming a vet can be an extremely rewarding career - but it comes at a price. It's said that getting into veterinary school is harder than getting into medical school and that you will have to complete challenging exams before you earn your licence. If you want to help sick or injured animals, then this could be the perfect career path for you.


Service Animal Trainer:


Service animals massively improve the quality of lives of their handlers and allow them to complete everyday tasks. Service animals provide assistance for people who suffer from a wide range of disabilities, and can assist them in everyday activities like leaving the house unattended and crossing the road.




This is the perfect job for somebody who has great attention to detail, and loves spending one on one time with animals. Personal and mobile pet groomers also have potential to earn a high salary, charging a high premium for their services.

There are careers with animals to suit every personality and skill set. If you're an animal lover who would like to pursue a career, then be sure to do your research, put in the hard work and put your knowledge into practice

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