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🌍 Worldwide Shipping - Call Today 01208 420 999


SMARTCHIP Microchip Infographic

SMARTCHIP application syringe


You can’t put a price on peace of mind

We will spare you the lecture on the benefits of microchipping your pets because, chances are, you know them already. Instead, let’s talk about why SmartChip is the only name to consider when it comes to pet microchipping.

SmartChip are one of the leading pet microchip suppliers in the UK. Their microchips are affordable, their delivery super fast and their customer service is second to none. What more could you ask for?


Smartchip and SmartTrace

SmartTrace is the database that sits behind SmartChip. Adding your pet’s details to it couldn’t be easier, thanks to a simple three-step online form. In the event that your pet does unfortunately go missing, get in touch with SmartChip and tell them your pet’s last known location – they will do the rest, letting you know as soon as your pet is found.