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January is National Train Your Dog Month

January is National Train Your Dog Month

In the spirit of the New Year, January is quite fittingly National Train Your Dog Month. This means humans aren’t the only ones who can jump aboard the “New Year, New You” bandwagon. If you’ve recently adopted a pet over the holidays, January could be the perfect time to help your four-legged friend learn a few new tricks. Training your dog doesn't have to mean teaching him to walk on his hind legs or play dead, often it can be as simple as teaching your pet to walk on a lead without pulling, or staying put when told. So, here are the top 4 reasons you should consider teaching your dog a few new tricks this January…

Safety First

Teaching your dog basic commands could save their life in some dangerous situations. If your dog stays put when they are told, they are less likely to be injured if they get off their lead near traffic. And if your dog responds to the “stay” command, he is less likely to run away or go missing. It’s also essential that you are able to control your dog at the vet, or during essential procedures like getting his  pet microchip fitted. If you visit a dog groomer, being able to control your pet will make the process much quicker.

Develop A Bond

Training your pet is a fun way to create a lasting bond with your pet. It’s also a good way to develop the excellent habit of spending quality time with your pet. Dogs are very intelligent and need to have plenty of play and stimulation to keep their brains active. And if you’re hoping to get more active in the New Year, this can be an excellent way to get out and get moving! Get the whole family involved in the training if you’re looking for a fun family activity, and then you can be assured your pet will listen to anyone when they are told, rather than just the person doing the training.

Peace Of Mind

Some dogs can be very temperamental, which makes pet owners nervous when meeting new people. If you’re nervous about letting your pet meet new people, because he might jump up or growl, then basic training will give you the peace of mind to know you always have control of your pet. This will make walking with your pet much more enjoyable, particularly if they are in the habit of growling at other dogs.

It’s Fun!

Training a dog is incredibly enjoyable and you’ll get a great sense of achievement from teaching your pet new tricks and basic commands. To avoid getting frustrated, build up the time slowly and practice every day. The process of offering a treat and praise, and then whittling it down to praise is highly effective and most dogs will respond well to this type of training. Your dog might pick up commands very quickly, or it might take a little longer, but either way, the sense of achievement will be well worth it! 

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