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How Do I Know Which Dog Microchip Database I'm Registered With?

How Do I Know Which Dog Microchip Database I'm Registered With?

Microchipping your pet is only one part of the puzzle; making sure that you have up-to-date details is an essential part of this process. Without this, a microchip is nothing more than a small chip linked to a meaningless number. If you’ve adopted a pet, or if you’re hoping to bring one home over the Christmas season, you will need to make sure the animal’s details are registered to you as soon as possible.

Most dog breeders and animal shelters will microchip their animals before sending them out into the world, which means you will be responsible for making sure you update their details on the correct dog microchip database. There are currently 7 microchip databases in the UK, so if you’re unsure which one your pet is registered to, you may have a bit of work ahead of you.

Locate Your Microchip Number

The first step to finding your dog microchip database is to find your microchip number. This may be found in your pet insurance documents, in your veterinary records or in your dog microchip registration documents. If you don’t have any of these, ask your vet to scan your pet to locate his microchip number, or pick up an inexpensive microchip scanner to scan your pet at home.

Identify Your Dog Microchip Database

Many companies – SmartChip included – have an online microchip locator that will let you know if the microchip details are registered with them. For security reasons, they can’t share the information they hold with anyone who searches for a number. However, once you’ve located the correct dog microchip database, it’s possible to get in touch with them to update the details.

Update Your Details and Make A Note

Once you have located and updated your details, you should make a note of which dog microchip database you are registered to so that you can easily update your details in future. If you change your phone number of move house, you should always make sure you change address on your dog microchip.

UK Microchip Databases

  • SmartChip 01208 420999
  • Anibase – 01904 487600
  • PetIdentity UK – 0800 975 1960
  • PetLog – 01296 336 579
  • Pet Protect – 0800 0778558
  • Pettrac – 0800 6529977
  • National Veterinary Database – 0330 123 9924
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