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FAQ: I Don't Know My Dog's Microchip Number

FAQ: I Don't Know My Dog's Microchip Number

If you think back to the time before mobile phones, most people could remember a few essential phone numbers without the help of a digital device. Nowadays, most people can only just manage to remember their own phone number, so we completely understand if you find yourself saying: “I don’t know my dog’s microchip number”.

Your dog’s microchip number should usually be between 9 and 15 digits long and it might contain a combination of letters and numbers. There aren’t many occasions when knowing your dog’s microchip number is essential, but if your pet ever goes missing, is stolen, or if you are passing him on to a new home, chances are you will need to dig out your dog’s microchip number. So, where can you find your dog’s microchip number if you don’t know it?

Check your documents

When your dog is first microchipped, you should have been given a document wallet that shows which database your pet is registered to and clearly show the microchip’s number. You dog might also have a vaccination certificate from the vet that will show the microchip number on it. Some insurance companies require a microchip number in order to be able to offer cover, so your insurance documents might also have a copy of the number.

Ask your vet

Your vet will likely have a record of your pet’s microchip number, so a quick call might be able to clear this up for you. If your vet was responsible for microchipping your pet, they will more than likely have a record of the number in your pet’s file.

Ask your dog kennel

If you leave your dog in kennels, they will likely have a record of your dog’s microchip number. This can help them to identify the dogs if they require medical attention, for example, and will also be essential if your dog manages to squeeze past a fence.

Purchase a microchip scanner

If you can’t find a record of your pet microchip, you should consider investing in a microchip scanner that will allow you to locate your dog’s microchip and read the number. These scanners are incredibly simple to use and will help you if you ever find a lost dog, or if you rehome a dog and want to update the microchip details.

Call your microchip registry

If you know which microchip database your dog’s microchip is registered to, they might be able to help you locate the number by accessing your account. A quick call to your microchip registry or a snoop around your email account should help you gain access to your account. 

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