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5 Of The Best Jobs For Dogs

5 Of The Best Jobs For Dogs

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why we have been blessed with such loyal and loving companions - but it seems that we are just that lucky. As well as being cute and affectionate, dogs also provide a number of services that benefit society massively, here are some of the most important jobs that dogs have…


Therapy Dogs:


A therapy dogs purpose is to make you feel better. These dogs are brilliant for people who have anxiety and autism. You will often see therapy dogs walking through hospitals and disaster units to help to calm upset or traumatised people to feel better. Physical contact can often help to make people feel at ease – dogs that are extra gentle and calm are ideal for this job.


Search and Rescue:


Search and rescue dogs need to be alert and have an amazing smell and sense of direction. These valiant canines are used in disaster zones to help detect any injured people or remaining survivors. They are also used in missing person situations and risk their lives going into natural disaster zones and avalanches (not all heroes wear capes!)


Guard Dogs:


Guard dogs can be used for big events like football matches and festivals, or for personal protection. Bigger dogs like German Shepherds and Rottweilers are often used for this job because of their strength and intimidating exterior – but don’t be fooled by their demeanour, outside of working hours’ guard dogs are big softies and need as much love and attention as any other dog!


Guide Dogs:


These dogs act as the pilots to their handlers lives and provide mobility for the blind and near sighted. These dogs can do anything from helping their handlers cross the road to avoiding obstacles on their travels. Training begins from 6 weeks old, where the puppies will begin to learn good manners and the basic commands (“sit” and “down”) and how to walk on the lead. This training lasts until 24 months, where the dog will be taught how to avoid obstacles, the traffic light system and how to keep their handler out of danger. The most common breeds are Labradors, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.


Man’s Best Friend:

This is the most common job that a dog can have – and we are so lucky for it! Dogs are actually the world’s first domesticated animal and they have been leading the way as the most loving and loyal pet ever since. Dogs truly are man’s best friend.

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