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🌍 Worldwide Shipping - Call Today 01208 420 999

Portable x7 Ultrasound Machine


Introducing the Portable X7 ultrasound scanner by

The Portable XT ultrasound is the latest digital system that provides high-quality two-dimensional images. Compared with traditional desktop and portable products, it has a more compact body and convenient features which makes it play a greater role in the identification of pregnant females, litter-size counting, and the detection of Pyometra. The Portable X7 is more than adequate for breeder's requirements and includes a vast amount of additional scanning features meaning it is also an ideal solution for professional ultrasonographers.

 Portable X7 Features:

Perfect Ergonomic Design

  • Compact, sophisticated, portable
  • 5.6 inch LED display
  • Lightweight body
  • Soft switching on/off
  • User-friendly operation interface
  • Simple and beautiful operation panel
  • Fast, convenient and flexible touch-type keyboard operation

Advanced Technology and Function

  • Advanced digital signal processing technology
  • Leading digital beam former technology
  • NC dynamic frequency scanning technology
  • Real-time point by point dynamic focusing reception technology
  • Real-time dynamic aperture imaging

Powerful System Function

  • Display mode: B, 2B, B/M
  • HD video playback
  • Image storage function
  • Parameters optimization and pre-set
  • Screen protection to extend equipment life effectively

Added extras

  • User Manual
  • Adapter
  • 6.5MHz Probe
  • 8G TF Memory Card
  • Aluminium Suitcase 

Special offer: Purchase the Portable X7 and we will include an optional £99 + VAT ultrasound course (RRP £390)