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🌍 Worldwide Shipping - Call Today 01208 420 999
🌍 Worldwide Shipping - Call Today 01208 420 999



We send you 1 page application.

You are given an instant decision.

Once you are approved, we will process and ship your order right away - no waiting necessary.

Who can apply for finance?

For us to consider your application, we’ll need you to:

Be 18 or over a UK resident for more than 12 months
Have your own personal bank account from which we can take a direct debit
Have an email address (so that we can send you credit agreement documentation)
Be employed, self-employed, retired or in receipt of disability allowance. If you’re not working, we’ll need a cohabiting spouse or partner who can provide employment details

What can i get on finance?

Finance covers everything on our website, including electrical, microchips, nutrition & training courses.

Are there any limits on how much i can spend?

Payment plans are available for orders between £250 & £175,000

How long is the re-payment period?

12 months*

*No penalty for early replayment

How do i make monthly payments?

Pre-authorized payments are made via your bank account or debit card.

We are here to help.
Call us on 01208 420999