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How to Keep Unwelcome Cats Out Of Your Home

How to Keep Unwelcome Cats Out Of Your Home

If your cat likes to roam outdoors, chances are you have a cat flap that will let him come and go as he pleases. And even if you don’t have a cat flap, an open window can be an equally adequate entrance for a curious cat. Cat owners and non-cat owners alike will be familiar with this situation: you leave a window ajar and come home to discover a cat that isn’t your own curled up on your bed. The presence of another cat might make your resident cat nervous and can even make them hesitant to come home. To prevent unwelcome cats making themselves comfortable in your home, follow these steps for securing your home.

Identify how they are getting in

It may be as simple as making sure you close all the windows when you aren’t home, particularly if you don’t have a cat flap. If you do have a cat flap, you might be able to change the settings so that your pet is able to leave but not re-enter. They will have to be let in through the door when they want to come inside. This will prevent other cats from strolling in unannounced.

Remove all temptations

Leaving too much pet out for your cat will be an irresistible treat for the neighbourhood cats. Either use a pet microchip cat dish that will only open for your pet, or get into the habit of leaving a small amount of food out for your pet and then taking away whatever they don’t eat. This can be more time consuming, but it might help to prevent unwelcome cats eating your pet’s food.

Neuter your pets

An unneutered pet will be a huge temptation for other animals, particularly tom cats. Unneutered toms are also more likely to fight each other, which could cause a lot of damage in your home. Neutering your pets will remove some of the interest in your home. Like  pet microchipping and vaccinations, neutering or spaying is one of the most important things you can do for your pet.

Install a Microchip cat flap

If you want to be some only your pet is coming and going, you will need to change your cat flap for a special cat flap that scans their pet microchip and only allows access to a particular animal. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about if you’ve left food out or if you’re going to come home to the mess made by a cat fight.

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