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Virex Cream

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For viral infections.

100% natural Virex Cream:
- is a soothing calendula based cream
- has cooling, drying, astringent witch hazel
- contains homeopathic "thuja" to support horses with lumps and bumps
- suitable for dogs

Virex Cream can be used on horses and dogs and comes in a calendula base with heomopathic thuja plus herbal tinctures and oils.  It can be used topically alongside our Equine Equimmune or Equimune Gold supplements to help maintain a healthy resistance to viral infections. 

- Calendula cream
- Thuja aromatic water and decoction
- Calendula officinalis infused oil
- Almond oil
- Hypericum Oil
- Witch Hazel aromatic water

How do I use it?
Apply twice daily.

Did you know?
The latin name for the Thuja tree is "Arbor vitae" meaning the "Tree of Life". It is used as both a herbal preparation and a homeopathic remedy.

Witch Hazel (Hammamelis virginiana) - this shrub flowers in the cold Winter months, if you cup your hands around the flower and breath on it you will smell a wonderful perfume. The distilled Witch Hazel which is soothing, cooling and astringent can be used externally for any minor wounds, sore, bruised or irritated skin.