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Parvo Virucide

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Kills virus in dog kennels.

The ultimate disinfectant for all animal quarters, tested & proven by the central vet laboratory

Parvo-Virucide is a disinfectant/cleaner giving supreme germ killing power, as proven by testing carried out by the C.V.L

The recommended dilution of 1:200 is effective against the Parvo-Virus, recognised as one of the most difficult organism to inactivate

Parvo-Virucide will destroy the organisms causing viruses, bacteria, fungi & ringworm

When used as directed Parvo-Virucide is safe, biodegradable & does not exceed properties of recommended Health & Safety operators threshold

The special properties of Parvo-Virucide enable it to work efficiently even in dirty areas, where most disinfectants are broken down & rendered inactive