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SmartWand™ - 128 Element



128 ultrasound scanner.

The SmartWand is the new generation wireless instrument for ultrasonography.

The SmartWands 128 element probe is ideal for companion animals is seamlessly integrated to the base unit providing ultrasound image processing power management and wireless signal provision

The SmartWands mains unit is upgraded from traditional devices connecting its Wi-Fi access point to Apple/iPad devices

The SmartWand has been developed to facilitate convenience, easy to use and professionalism

Ultrasonographers provide readings efficiently and accurately

- New generation 128 ultrasound scanner
- Wireless connectivity
- Easy to use
- Efficient & accurate

Video - IOS Tutorial

Video - Android Tutorial

User Guide

Thank you for choosing the SmartWand supplied by

The SmartWand is the next generation ultrasound device, making the need for bulky probes and monitors obsolete. We’ve achieved this by creating an entirely new way to view ultrasound images, by utilising the image capability of mobile phone and tablet devices.

  • To connect your SmartWand to an android phone or tablet, you must first download the app on screen now.
  • To connect your SmartWand to an apple phone or tablet, you must first download the app on screen now.

Should you encounter any difficulties downloading or locating the app, simply enter this URL link into your internet search bar.

Now you have downloaded the app, you are now able to click into the app and view the ultrasound screen. However, the app isn’t yet connected to your SmartWand.

To connect the app to your SmartWand, simply go to your wifi settings on your phone or tablet and select the SmartWand wifi channel, which will match the serial number on the back of your SmartWand device.

Once you have selected the SmartWand wifi channel it will then prompt you to enter a password, which can also be found on the back of your SmartWand device. Make sure you donot include the “SN” or “colon” when entering the password and ensure the letters in the password are entered in lowercase.

Once the password has been entered, simply press the pause button in the middle of the device and you will now be up and running and ready to go.

Always remember to apply plenty of ultrasound gel to achieve the best possible image quality.