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🇬🇧 UK's Leading Animal Training Academy 🇬🇧

Niplock Tourniquet


A neat plastic and strong elastic cord tourniquet perfect for raising veins in dogs, cats, and small animals. The quick release mechanism allows single-handed use.

Durable construction
Can be used single-handed
Water resistant

The Niplok is a metal and latex free simple gadget that makes applying a tourniquet to any animal (particularly dogs and cats) quick and easy. Designed specifically so that veterinary professionals may raise a vein on their own in an emergency or as a lone worker during a home visit. Placement of the Niplok will increase the size of a vein making it easier to find and reduce the occurrence of repeat attempts. Replacing rubber bands and haemostats, the small, handy Niplock fits in scrub pockets, uniform or crash cart.