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No Chew Bandage

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Anti-chew for dogs.

This bandage is bitter tasting so it discourages your dog from biting & chewing the bandage.

The bandage contains bitterants that have been tested on & found safe to use on domestic animals so it is safe for you & your pet.

It's extra soft for extra comfort, extra strong for extra support – made from woven fabric and there is no need for clips.

The bandage will not stick to fur, skin or hair. It provides controlled compression with non-slip support to secure & protect primary dressings from dirt and moisture.

The anti-chew bandage is sweat & water-resistant. It also maintains original size and will not shrink on the roll or on the animal.

- Anti-chew
- Sweat & water-resistant
- Made from woven fabric
- Soft & strong
- Provide non-slip support
- Safe for you and your pet