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Microchip Scanner


Pet Chip Scanner.

This microchip scanner is small, lightweight & robust, ergonomically designed, simply squeeze to start scanning.

The modern scanner or microchip reader has the added advantage of alerting the operator if the microchip being scanned belongs to an animal which has been reported missing or stolen.

This is award-winning “Scanner Angel®” enabled chip scanner. The Scanner Angel® database is a continually updated database holding the microchip numbers of lost or stolen animals which are downloaded to the HALO and updated every time the HALO is connected to a laptop or PC.

This scanner is rechargeable via a USB charger or a USB cable connected to a laptop or PC. The scanner reads all FDX-B 15 digit and FDX-A (FECAVA) 10 digit microchip.

Perfect for veterinary professionals, animal charity & rescue organisations, customs & border officials, local authority dog wardens, highway authorities, breeders & dog walkers, pet owners utilising the Pet Travel Scheme

Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

- Angel® enabled scanner
- Rechargeable via a USB
- Small, lightweight & robust
- Ergonomically designed
- One year warranty