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Smart Chip

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Smart Wand

Smart Wand

A thick, snug and warm Savic Dog Bed that fits perfectly into the Savic Dog Cage.It has raised sides to cover the wires, providing your dog with extra comfort.
Savic Dog Bed- Machine Washable...

Machine washable bed

From £16.33
This is an electrically heated pad contained in a waterproof, wipeable plastic cover.
Heat Pad

For pro dog kennels

From £150.00
This is an aluminium heat lamp suitable for any animal that requires a heat source to keep warm
Heat Lamp

Aluminium heat lamp

From £16.67
This animal bed incredibly comfortable for your pet. It offers a perfect night’s sleep for your adorable pet & easy maintenance for you -the owners.
Plastic Sleeper Bed

Heavy-duty pet bed

From £21.11
Kennel heat lamp bulb.
Heat Lamp Bulb

Kennel heat lamp bulb

From £8.41
Kennel heat lamp bulb.
Heat Lamp Bulb - Philips...

Bulb made by Philips

From £10.88