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Smart Chip

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Smart Wand

Smart Wand

Parvo-Virucide is a disinfectant/cleaner giving supreme germ killing power
Parvo Virucide

Kills virus in dog kenne

From £8.75
A very powerful deodoriser, known for its ability to kill even the strongest smells!

Kills odour in dog kenne

From £8.75
Bio-safe cleanses the air, removes dust particles, reduced ammonia levels & destroys odours & airborne bacteria

Cleans air in dog kennel

From £10.41
A heavy duty detergent/steriliser. For washing down & cleaning all surfaces, including utensils, feeding & drinking bowls
SupaClean Detergent

Dog kennel solution

From £8.33
Sensitive dog shampoo.
No Tear Shampoo

Sensitive dog shampoo

From £14.17
Cani Floor
Cani Floor

For dog beds/kennels

From £6.25
A specially formulated shampoo for your puppy & young dogs. Can be used on all breeds & all coat typ
Puppy Shampoo

Sensitive puppy shampoo

From £14.17
Antibacterial dog shampoo.  An effective skin & coat cleaner that will leave a natural bloom on the coat
Tea Tree Shampoo

Antibacterial dog shampo

From £10.00