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Digital Thermostatic Water Bath


Digital Thermostatic Water Bath Lab Water Bath, Precision Temperature Control Water Bath Laboratory Thermostatic Water Bath with Timing Function RT to 99℃ (Two Chamber, 220V)


  • 1.Heating uniformity: porous position heating, heating uniformity, to meet different needs.
  • 2.The machine panel is designed to protect the panel from spilled water; the silicone cover ring allows the selection of openings
  • 3.Strong corrosion resistance: 304 stainless steel tank, stainless steel heating tube and temperature sensor. adopt high-quality steel plate, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.
  • 4.Easy to read and use: Dual digital display for fast display of PV and ST temperatures. PV: actual temperature; SV: set temperature. The double-row blue LED display makes the numbers appear clearer and softer.
  • 5.In-one inner liner easy to clean: The four corners of the inner tank of the water bath have a circular arc shape, no dead angle, convenient cleaning and prolong the service life of the instrument.