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Smart Chip

Smart Nutrition

Smart Trace

Smart Wand

Smart Wand

A pack of disposable needle that are individually wrapped luer lock needles.
Syringe Needles

x100 pack syringe needles

From £10.00
Canine Syringe
Canine Syringe

x100 Disposable Syringes

From £16.67
These transparent straws are commonly used for labeling and or identification. These straws are also used as an inexpensive method of pipetting semen samples onto microscope slides.
Green Transparent Straws

Green Transparent Straws

From £40.00
Aquagel lubricating jelly is a safe lubricant, suitable for many applications.
Lubricating Jelly Sachet

Aquagel lubricating jelly

From £0.00
Mini Sealing Balls for Straws
Mini Sealing Balls for Straws...

Metal & glass balls f

From £15.00
Pheromone spray for bitches.
The Lady

Pheromone spray for bitc

From £7.09
Pheromone spray for dogs.
The Stud

Pheromone spray for dogs

From £7.09
Tower System for Endoscope
Tower System for Endoscope

For transcervical insemin

From £253.00
Semen Tank optional carry/ transportation case available
Dry Shipper SC4/3V

Semen Tank with optional

From £300.00