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Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel Extract



For cats & dogs.

100% natural Witch Hazel is a useful day to day cooling and astringent lotion for bathing minor wounds, abrasions, knocks and bumps on horses, dogs and other animals. Witch Hazel is distilled from the bark of Hamamelis virgaurea and can be used for compresses and bandages.

We use Witch Hazel in our TLC Lotion to help support Tendons and Ligaments which can be used for horses and dogs. We use Witch Hazel in our mobility supplements. For external use only.

- Distilled Witch Hazel extract (Hamanelis virginiana)

Did you know?
Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virgaurea) This beautiful delicate shrub is the first one to flower at the beginning of each year, bringing a welcome splash of yellow to a winter garden when the frost is still on the ground. If you cup your hands around the flower and breathe gently onto it you will be rewarded with the most wonderful scent.