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MiniTube™ Trinocular Microscope

MiniTube™ Trinocular Microscope

Trinocular Microscope


For semen analysis.

Trinocular microscope for semen analysis. Can be used in conjunction with a microscope camera to view and store semen images on PC, laptop, tablet etc. The heated stage with drilled holes can also be used with this microscope

- The advanced compound trinocular microscope 40X to 2500X provides a 14MP
- USB digital imaging system and a LED illumination system.
- The digital biological microscope features an optical system for simultaneously observing images through eyepieces and an adjustable trinocular port.
- The 4096x3288 pixels USB digital imaging system that captures still microscope images and live video on computer.
- The included software compatible with windows, Mac OS and Linux operating system can also be used to make measurements.
- The LED lamp can be replaced by yourself. The high resolution image in the field of view is crystal clear and will satisfy the demands of professionals.
- All lenses are made of high quality optical glass.