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MiniTube™ TCI Endoscope

MiniTube™ TCI Endoscope

TCI Endoscope


Canine AI.

This is a canine Artificial Insemination TCI Endoscope with 43cm long integrated bilateral fibre glass cord. This has 2 channel flushing side connections. Working channel CH6.

- Crafted from extremely strong and flexible stainless steel, rigid but flexible enough for easy navigation to the cervix
- The longer, 43 centimetre length endoscope reaches the cervix in large breeds
- Narrow distal tip, just 2.75 millimetres in diameter, is small enough for use with
- Toy breeds (in 40% of dogs a cystoscope can not be used)
- The ocular of our endoscope is angular which eases handling during introduction - Working channel is suitable for transcervical insemination catheter
- Less training necessary compared to other devices Technical data / Product specifications
- Long, narrow shaft to easily accommodate both small and large dogs
- Angled eyepiece connection to the light source/camera via fibre-optic cable makes working more comfortable
- Rounded tip at the distal end
- 2 right angled lateral irrigation connections
- Auto-clavable