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SmartChips - Standard 12mm

SmartChips - Standard 12mm


Standard 12mm Microchips.

What Is a SmartChip™ Pet Microchip?

A SmartChip™ is a tiny microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) with a unique 15-digit identity number. Each SmartChip™ can be implanted quickly and easily into the scruff of a pet’s neck by a vet or trained breeder/implanter. All SmartChip™ pet microchips are ISO 11874/11785 compliant and can be read by all FDX-B and Universal microchip Scanners.

SmartChips aren’t just your average microchips…

They meet the same UK standards and are recognised by the same scanners but they also include the following ‘smart’ benefits: 
- View your SmartChips via your online account and transfer ownership in seconds
- Update details held on SmartChips instantly and flag pets as lost/stolen instantly
- View all Product Shop orders and print VAT receipts
- View all Smartchip™ transfers and print transfer confirmations
- Expert lost/stolen telephone support and missing pet poster campaigns
- Lost/stolen pet insurance cover (coming soon)
- Free registration into national SmartTrace™ database

Anti-migration technology
One of the biggest concerns with pet microchipping is the risk of migration. Each SmartChip™ is covered in a special Parylene C coating which forms an irregular surface on the microchip. The biotechnology allows surrounding cells to grow and bond around the microchip holding it in place. The bonding process begins quickly after implantation and within 3/4 weeks the pet microchip is completely encapsulated to minimise any risk of migration.

How it works
SmartChip™ enables the owner to have total control over the pet microchip implanted in their pets. A pet owner is able to register and update their details instantly onto our national database and can also instantly flag their pets as lost/stolen via their SmartChip™ online account panel.
- Free and fast delivery / 1 – 2 working days
- Transfer ownership in seconds
- Free registration onto SmartTrace™ national database
- Flag pets as lost/stolen instantly
- Vets, Breeders & Implanters access via SmartChip™
- Pet owners access SmartTrace™

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