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MiniTube™ Equitainer

MiniTube™ Equitainer


Cup-style Isothermaliser.

- A world-wide proven system for cooling, storage and transport of fresh semen.
- The warm semen is automatically and gently cooled down to the ideal storage temperature within 6 to 10 hours.
- The desired temperature is reliably maintained for about 70 hours.
- Very high level of protection against potential x-ray induced damage of the enclosed semen sample.

Equitainer cup style - complete with cup-style Isothermaliser, sterilised plastic cup with lid, 2 ballast bags and 2 coolant cans.

Equitainer tube style - complete with tube-style Isothermaliser, to fit two 50 ml tubes, 6 x 50 ml tubes and 2 coolant cans.