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Top Christmas Gifts For Dogs

With Christmas just one month away, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to treat your best friend over the holiday season. People might think you’re barking, but buying your dog Christmas presents is completely normal practice. From this season’s top pet gadgets to completely adorable bespoke pet furniture, now is the time to let your animal lover's side go wild. Whether you just want to update your dog’s collar, get him a smart new coat to weather the winter months, or go all out and pick up a plush new memory foam bed to rival your own, we’ve scoured the best independent pet shops to bring you a round-up of this year’s top Christmas gifts for dogs.

Top Christmas Gifts For Dogs 2016

If you love hitting the road with your pet, these pet travel tote are the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs and their human buddies alike. The stylish tote features a water bottle, two collapsible bowls, a chiller bag for fresh or dried food, a roll of biodegradable poop bags, a detachable emergency lead and plenty of space to store all of your pet’s favourite toys. Now you’ll have no excuses to stay home, so why not hit the road for an adventure, or just take your dog into the office with you?

Sharing your home with a long-haired dog? Then you’ll likely go through a fair few towels trying to get your pooch dry after a walk in the rain or a swim in the nearby river. This innovative Noodle Dog Bed from Scruffs will help your pet dry up even quicker thanks to the snuggly warm and extra comfy microfiber chenille ‘noodles’. Once your pet is dry, the bed will also dry much faster, so they’ll be comfortable at bedtime, too.

If you’ve become obsessed with an activity tracker over the past year, you might be surprised to learn there’s an activity tracker available for your dog. This incredible bow tie activity tracker from Pets Pyjamas clips onto your dog’s collar and lets you keep track of your dog’s activity via the WonderWoof app. If you’re worried about your pet not getting enough exercise, these handy little pet gadgets will guide you with daily targets and rewards for hitting your milestones. You can also connect with other health-conscious pet owners in the area.

After Christmas, we’ve still got another few months of winter to contend with, so it makes sense to give your dog a snuggly warm winter coat for Christmas. This Buster outdoor winter wear jackets from Doggie Solutions are the perfect answer for keeping your pet warm and dry through winter. They come in a range of colours and sizes and are super easy to put on and take off. The sleeveless design means your dog won’t be restricted when they are running around